Mandalas (meaning circle in Sanscrit) are a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism Buddism and other eastern religions.

The Square Mandalas are the most common form used in many of these religions. The design of the Mandala can represent the Universe or any place of importance.

Depending on the religious meanings, political meanings or any philosophy it may symbolise they may be extremely detailed or very simple to convey a message or teaching.

In the west Mandalas are used for spiritual and physical healing, meditation and relaxation. Many artists today create them for their beauty and let the viewer decide what they symbolise.

During the sixties art, music and cultural revolution, beautiful psychedelic Mandalas appeared to express what artists experienced because of psychedelic drugs. However many Mandalas were created by artists and musicians that did not use drugs but wanted to express feelings about the new ideals that were surfacing in the counter culture of peace, love and life without war.

Good Karna